What if a sculpture or an image is a question, pondering who we are and where we are headed in relation to nature, technology, and creativity?

The interest in line, the interest in fiber and pixel and what they can become in the context of time, space, and materials, is still the essence of my personal explorations: the mechanics of inspiration and visual thinking, the ethics of transhumanism, and a phygital mind.

While exploring the same subjects, the work has grown in scale.

It’s unclear to me if sculptures and moving images are interior or exterior spaces. They can be both. Connections of mind and body, material and immaterial, ancient and contemporary, bio and tech, all are complexities which are not opposites. If light is a machine, what is the spirituality of technology?

Building structures as questions induce countless little responses, reactions, decisions, shaping the space into a subjective mass of thoughts, memories, hopes, possibilities, but mostly, a desire for more tenderness.

—Bojana Ginn



Bojana Ginn Installation at MOCA GA 1


Bojana Ginn Installation at MOCA GA 8


Bojana Ginn Installation at MOCA GA 5

Bojana GInn MOCA Art

Bojana Ginn Installation at MOCA GA 6

Bojana Ginn Art

Bojana Ginn Installation at MOCA GA 7


Bojana Ginn MOCA GA

Bojana Ginn Video Installation at MOCA GA

Image by Mike McKelvey, courtesy of MOCA GA and Bojana Ginn

Bojana Ginn MOCA Install