Bojana Ginn’s Mountains on Strings

Essay by Chris Fernald

At the intersection of physical and digital, biological and technological, Bojana Ginn’s new installation Mountains on Strings is a landscape of light, protein, and DNA that produces new spaces of   discovery and environmental awareness. Composed of   lines made of light, pixels, and organic fibers, her piece uses the foundational visual vernacular of the line to examine the interrelation of theoretical and physical realms.

Inside the gallery, lines of thin wool fibers appear suspended in space as projections d art on and among them. On the outside of the building, a massive projection broadcasts footage of Ginn manipulating lines in a 3D modeling program, a play of line and light that both evokes intuitive play and the precision of gene splicing. in a temporal twist, it’s the ancient materials of wool fiber and light that render visible the contemporary cloud and the intangible web of signals and transmissions that bind us together.

The resulting indoor-outdoor installation is many things at once: ” a path in space, a tangle of fiber, a pencil drawing on a wall; a choreographed projection of photons, a digital beam, the trail of ink in a photograph.” The work elucidates our own tangled occupation of these digital and physical spaces and the ways in which humans creatively shape them. Strings asks: is harmony between ourselves, the natural world, and new technologies possible? How can this interrelation point towards a future marked by environmental healing and a more loving consciousness?

Mountains on Strings was assembled in part by women participating in the art therapy class led by Melly Wirtes at Mercy Care Peer Support Program. The project aims to raise an awareness of art therapy and other programs that Mercy Care provides to improve the lives of people daily. To find out what they do and how to support them, please visit: https://www.