Merging art, science and technology, Bojana Ginn creates multimedia light installations, sculpture and photography. Her work explores contemporary existence in the age of digital and biotech. “I see my works as microscopic places being magnified, both tactile and virtual. Reflective and speculative, they are meditative landscapes contemplating the present and future of body and environment, transhumanism, spirituality, mind, and biotechnology.” 

Ginn’s ephemeral and site-specific installations are built with biological material, LED lights, and often digital video projections. The biomaterial is sheep’s wool, chemically keratin, the same protein residing in our skin and hair. The fibers are stretched, exposed to digital and LED sources. The forms are mathematical, and computer generated: Voronoi cells or exaggerated pixels. The use of natural, biodegradable and sustainable material along with LED technology is crucial for Ginn’s practice, and advocates for environmental healing.

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