Digital Transplants, Lightroom Studio, Atlanta GA, 2017. Curated by Bojana Ginn, the exhibition featured nationally and internationally awarded artists working at the intersection of art and biology:

1) Video work by Frank Gillette, Symptomatic Syntax (1981), produced for Electronic Arts Intermix and on loan from the Whitney Museum of American Art.

2) Work by Suzanne Anker, an internationally known pioneer of bio art and the chair of sculpture department and biology lab at School of Visual Arts in New York.

3) Work by Julia Butaine, director of Science and Art Center in New York and an editor of SciArt magazine.

4) Last but not least, inflatable sculptures by Brazilian artist Marina Manheas.

Commissioned to write an exhibition catalogue was Emory University graduate Dr. Meredith Kooi.


Frank Gillette, Symptomatic Syntax
Suzanne Anker, MRI Butterfly
Frank Gillette, Symptomatic Syntax (L) and Suzanne Anker, MRI Butterfly (R)
Julia Buntaine Hoel, Binding Problems
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