Bojana Ginn Studio offers an internship program to students involved in graduate and undergraduate courses. The Studio offers college credit in combination with mentoring in exchange for internship.

Mentoring is a most rewarding and enjoyable educational practice. Bojana Ginn Studio offers a mentorship to artists who demonstrate a serious dedication to their craft and ideas. The process of guidance provides mentees with a deeper understanding of who they are as creative professionals. As each artist is different, one on one classes are tailored specifically to fit the needs of the mentee. During the course of mentorship, mentees will have a greater understanding of Contemporary Art Directions and Professional Studio Practices. They will develop a body of work, professional website, art statement, revised CV, and have their work exhibited in one or more art exhibitions. This mentorship is offered in exchange for studio assistance.


Christopher Paul Dean



Hannah Surace



Anna Songsong



Michelle Laxalt

Michelle Laxalt


Leia Genis

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